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Terms and Conditions of Use

Technical requirements

The weight allowed ranges from 40 kg to 100 kg. Children weighing less than 40 kg may ride the AlpinLine with an adult, as long as the total weight of the pair does not exceed the maximum permitted weight.

The minimum permitted age is 4 years.

The AlpinLine may only be used in conjunction with the equipment supplied by the operational staff. Sportswear is required, and it is also compulsory to wear closed-in shoes. Hair must be tied back.

Users undertakes to comply with the operating instructions and the recommendations made by the operational staff.

Medical Caution

The AlpinLine is a sports-based tourist attraction that may trigger strong reactions. We wish to stress that for people whose health is likely to be affected by strong sensations, especially pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems and all people who do not feel at their best, the use of AlpinLine may be a potential risk for their physical wellbeing.

Disclaimer of Liability

Theytaz Bazar SA disclaims all liability in the event of an accident. By signing this form, the user declares that he/she accepts the risks inherent in the Tyrolean zip wire and waives any legal action or claim against Theytaz Bazar SA.

By signing, I declare that I have read the above Terms and Conditions of Use and that I am aware of the risks involved in using the AlpinLine. I also confirm that my weight is within the permitted weight range.